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Written by Jared Looney   
Tuesday, 09 October 2007
meet Nathan KayeFor Nathan Kaye, everything came to a halt when civil war broke out in his home in Liberia.  As a civilian, he was captured by soldiers and awaited execution.  However, Nathan prayed to the Lord, and while other prisoners were being executed, Nathan was sent away to a refugee camp in Ivory Coast, Africa.

After a decade in an Ivory Coast refugee camp, Nathan’s prayers were answered again as his family was put on a plane and taken across the Atlantic Ocean to the United States. After disembarking from the plane in JFK airport, his family was placed in the Bronx by the refugee agency.  Before arriving in New York, Nathan had made a promise to God.  He promised that when the Lord brought him to this new land, he would remain faithful to Christ and continue to serve Him. Nathan has kept his promise.  Shortly after arriving in the Bronx, he joined up with a Bronx house church network, and he has stayed committed to this ministry through its highest highs and lowest lows.  While he has observed other immigrant families break apart after arriving in the U.S., his family has stayed together, and they confess that it is only because of the Lord’s presence in their household.

Mr. and Mrs. KayeNathan is a former school vice principal and math teacher.  However, today he commutes daily to Manhattan to work two menial jobs.  From early morning until well past midnight he works moving fabric at day and waiting tables at night.  Working nearly two full-time jobs, Nathan helps support his family in New York as well as his extended family left in worse condition after the war back home in Liberia.  As he said to me, “Jared, we are Africans.  I do not just work for myself, but for my whole family.”

Nathan is a willing servant with a desire to learn, and there is an opportunity to make a difference through him.  MetroSoul is seeking financial support to empower Nathan.  With the proper support he will replace his second job with reaching out, learning ministry practice in Western culture, and developing as a local leader in our fellowship.

We are taking the initiative to raise support for Nathan.  Our shared goal is to support Nathan for two years in order for him to develop his leadership potential in our church planting network while serving “hands-on.”  With your the Kaye Familysupport, Nathan would be empowered to set aside his second job and devote that time to becoming a ministry leader.  You may send your contribution to MetroSoul either through the mail or electronically (Using Paypal at  Please clearly indicate that your donation is for Nathan Kaye.

We are seeking to raise $1600 per month over a two year period.  This replaces the amount Nathan is earning in a Manhattan restaurant during late nights and weekends.  We are seeking individuals and congregations that will make a commitment for two years to help empower Nathan Kaye as a servant leader here in New York City.  Prayerfully consider what you can contribute; even the smallest amounts all add up.  

To find out more about Nathan and how to help, contact Jared Looney at or at 718-231-4756.
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