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Written by Ben Cheek   
Tuesday, 09 October 2007

What is an eXtraordinary?

eXtraordinariesWhen Jesus picked followers to look after his movement and his mission, he chose every-day ordinary people who had no special training or education.  He took these people on a journey that converted them into some of the most extraordinary change-agents the world has ever seen.  These regular people turned the whole world upside down as they brought God's realty into existence around them.

Are you an "ordinary" person called to follow Jesus in extraordinary ways?  We think every disciple of Christ is.  Because of this, MetroSoul would like to help you become an eXtraordinary.  eXtraordinaries are people who have learned to walk with Jesus in all areas of their life: personal, relational, occupational, and spiritual.  They have training to apply Gospel principles to their personal lives, homes, communities, friends, and workplace.

William Diehl, sales manager for an international steel company, describes the divide many people face between church-life and the real world:

In the almost thirty years of my professional career, my church has never once suggested the there be any type of accounting fo my on-the-job ministry to others.  My church has never once offered to improve those skills which could make me a better minister, nor has it ever asked if I needed any kind of support in what I was doing.  There has never been an inquiry into the types of ethical decisions I must face, or whether I seek to communicate the faith to my coworkers.  I have never been in a congregation where there was any type of public affirmation of a ministry in my career.  In short, I must conclude that my church really doesn't have the least interest whether or how I minister in my daily work.  [William Diehl, Christianity in Real Life, Fortress 1976. v-vi.]

Is there more to life than this?Most people recognize that there should be no difference between their spiritual lives and the rest of their existence -- even when it comes to work.  Unfortunately, there are relatively few resources that teach believers how to break down this divide and practice faith everyday.  Since most adults spend the majority of their time at work, this means God and his mission are excluded from most of their lives.

Perhaps this problem is because the church has bought into our culture's notion that faith is a private matter.  While we need to respect our coworkers, isn't that leaving out real power for coping with work and that could have real benefits for others from coworkers to employers and customers?  Likewise, it's possible that the church as adopted a kind of dualism where the "human world" is separated from "God's world."  But Jesus came to show us a God as interested in what we do at work as he is in what we do at home or when we're with other Christians.

This is why MetroSoul and our member churches are interested in developing innovative a practical ways to empower ordinary people to do extraordinary things for the Kingdom.  Read on to hear more about our plans and how you can be involved. 

Jesus-based Theological Training for Life and Mission

As part of MetroSoul's commitment to contextualize the Gospel to the city, we've been working thinking about how people can follow Jesus in the urban environment.  We're working to develop Jesus-based resources that point out possible paths for mission and discipleship in the real world.  Jesus came to proclaim God's Kingship over every area of life, so we help eXtraordinaries develop personalized and innovative ways to make that real right where they live and work.

"Tent-Making" Job Skills for Bi-Vocational Support and Sane Living

In our view, every Christian is a bi-vocational missionary.  While they maintain a career for the sake of supporting themselves and their loved ones, they also have have a career in the Kingdom of God.  But with the busyness of modern life and the demands of many work places, it is becoming harder to even maintain your basic livelihood and many believers have little time left for their families or their ministry calling.

We help to provide job skills that address this problem.  In cases where eXtraordinaries make less than a living wage or work in an abusive work environment, we may provide training or scholarship so they can transition to another position or career field, or become an entrepreneur.  For those who have a good work environment, we provide skills for time management and job advancement that help eXtraordinaries carve out more time for sane living at home and service time for the Kingdom.

Personal Coaching, Consulting, and Mentoring

Growing requires more than some reading material and a couple of resources.  It requires life-on-life contact for real support and encouragement.  MetroSoul provides coaching, consulting, and mentoring relationships so that things eXtraordinaries learn stick and have a real impact on their lives, work, and mission.  When we coach, we help eXtraordinaries develop their own strategies to follow Jesus and provide relational support to stick to it.  When we consult, we offer information from real life experience and encouragement to help that information sink in.  When we mentor, we bring people with us on our journey with Christ so they can learn hands-on approaches to life and mission. 

Co-operative Learning Communities with Other eXtraordinaries

We encourage every eXtraodrinary to develop of network of other people who will learn and work together.  These groups can be within local faith communities, in city-wide interest groups, or at a particular workplace.  Using our small-group experience, we empower these groups to experience the presense of Christ together and support each other to incarnate him in the world and continuing learning and growing.

Click Contact Us and tell us "I want to be eXtraordary" to begin today! 

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