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Written by Lindy Erin   
Thursday, 27 September 2007
I keep posting on the blog in my head, but i haven't actually done so online in sometime. Reflecting on a few things that bring me joy.
1. unexpected warm weather in september.
2. getting to go to a hilarious broadway for free, thanks to a wonderful friend.
3. Getting out of the broadway to happen across times square traffic rerouted so the street could become a gigantic audience of people watching live opera on the big screens in times square. so cool to see all the differnet people, art forms,etc all come together.
4. meeting people and making judgements that were harsh, and pleasantly being suprised they aren't as rude as you once thought.
5. seeing strange people on the trains. tonight a man whipped out a big box cutter and used the razor to clean his nails. he seemed shocked when he cut himself. put it away, then pulled the cutter out again to clean his nails some more, and then randomly cut off one strand of his earphones, leaving him w/ one ear bud to listen to music with.
6. getting to play vball in central park until it's so dark you can't see the ball anymore.
7. seeing the drama of teenage lives and being reminded that i once was part of that drama, and thankful that that stage in my life is over.
8. food, clothes, and shelter when many others have none.
9. sitting around the table with a yugoslavian family and sharing life with them. hearing their wisdom about getting married, cultures, and the difficulties of having a child with a disability(autism). i am reminded of the beauty and power of community.
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