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Spanish singing
Written by Lindy Erin   
Monday, 10 September 2007
Most sunday nights we gather at our Domincan's friend home for prayers and singing and great fellowship.
This particular week we went to bless someone's new home.
We made african food for them to try, which they loved.
We sat around on the floor of a brand new apartment. (they had moved in hours before. it has one couch, and 2 beds). We sang, conversed, laughed, prayed, and read scripture in Spanish. Latin music streaming through the windows from the neighbors next door. The door was open and neighbors passed by looking inquisitively into this open door with people of all races sitting in a circle on the floor singing praise songs. The room seemed to come alive. People were clapping and singing and getting up and dancing around the room. All for their God.

Many people in this room have never made faith commitments, many only know the the nominal Catholic faith passed to them by their grandparents in another country. But as I sit in this circle I feel hopeful. Hopeful that God will raise up people within this group. Hopeful that God will call people in this group to deeper and more radical discipleship. Hopeful that others in this city are also thirsty for fellowship with other believers.
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