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Written by Lindy Erin   
Thursday, 06 September 2007
there are some days i love this city, and other days i hate it. Right now i'm really loving it. I can't exactly explain exactly why, but i do. I see people making decisions that take them farther away from the Lord, people deciding they are tired of following Jesus, and people who just seem to disappear from our church, yet I feel that now more than ever God is moving here. I sense his presence. I often hear people question and even at times mock God or the Christian faith. In months past it would have made me feel sick with questions and doubt, but recently i find myself smiling. One of those smiles that only I know. That faint smile, because I feel so sure that they are mistaken, and that one day they will change, and it will be because they see Christ's love in a radical form.
Tonight was one of those nights. I saw lives that are on journey and it brings me joy.
Sometimes outright laughter.
random quote from the bible study tonight.
"I know I can't drink anymore because I'll drink to get drunk. I'm not going to drink again until my wedding... But don't get me wrong, i'm not just going to get married to drink and have sex."

i was helping a teen filling out a job application: when it says job description for working at a nursing home, what will you put?, "pushing nuckkas around" (aka assisting elderly people)was the reply.

went for a visit to the local bronx beach: while there, some women get ticketed by the police for going topless and refusing to put on cover. also had a drunk guy give us a history lesson of the bronx, try to convince us the Bronx was the best borough in the world, tell us why we should love the bronx so much, make huge stereotypes about lots of different people, and then abruptly say "well i've said enough" and walk off.

there are all types here...all types. i love it.
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