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Written by Lindy Erin   
Tuesday, 27 March 2007
  • 2 spring break groups have come and worked with us.
  • 1 conflict resolution seminar equipped people in the community with skills that are much needed (which was confirmed seeing a huge fight outside my apartment tonight)
  • 1 trip to michigan which included an unexpected 17 hr greyhound trip since snow shut down all airports. We were able to talk about future ideas of a mission team of sorts, and have a small group discussion with Shane Clariborne author of The Irresistible Revolution (a must read). Left more affirmed than ever that God needs people in urban areas to live out Christ's love. a few things that i heard while there "God has not called us to do great things, but small things with Great love" "people who are in love with the idea of community will destroy community, but people who are in love with the people around them will create community." "if we practiced what we see in Acts, of the rich sharing with the poor to make sure no one had need, capitalism wouldn't be possible and communism wouldn't be necessary"
  • had one of my english students ask my Christian perspective on business marriages, so he could get his green card.
  • had another male student ask me to explain "eunuch" in the story of Phillip and the Ethiopian Eunuch and when a written definition used "castrate" I was then asked to explain castrate. It was awkward.
  • i've had multiple muslim students share about attending Christian churches for extended periods of time for social and educational reasons. Really challenges me, that someone can come for over a year not believing Jesus is the son of God, and the Christians never know they are practicing muslims. That is telling of the extent of community we have when we meet in institutional church, and makes me realize how much I've tamed down Jesus. People didnt keep following Jesus unless they truly believed b/c his message was radical. How radical is the message i'm sharing with others, or is it a moral way of living, wrapped up in a nice and kind social organization, called church. Gives me a lot to pray about for myself, and the ways I express that Jesus is Lord.
  • one of my muslim students asked my favorite bible story aside from made me think. think about it. what's your favorite story? why? what does that tell about our walk with the Lord?
  • i went in short sleeves and flip flops today and my spirit rejoiced. spring has come just in time. just in time.
  • God is reminding me.. he is present. he is moving. he is alive. there is power in his name. he will not give me more than i can handle. only when i let myself be foolish can he receive any glory. and i follow a crazy story that may not make sense to others, but is better than any other story i can find.

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