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Camp Shiloh Retreat
Written by Lindy Erin   
Sunday, 26 August 2007
Just got back today from our church's annual retreat at camp shiloh.
A few things that struck me.
1. I always feel God's presence and am reminded of his evidence of his existence when surrounded by nature.
2. I love starry cool nights with strong breezes.
3. I continue to be equally frustrated and amused at the drama in these teenagers lives. I truly love hanging out and working with teenagers.
4. about a year and a half ago, we had a group of teenagers drop off the face of the earth. stopped coming to church, bible studies,etc. I was so blessed with being able to go to the retreat with these same teens, who recently resurfaced, and much to our surprise had been seeking God on their own, and came back with more passion than ever. I am again reminded that we are called to plant the seeds, and God promises that he will be the one that provides the growth.
5. i was able to sit and talk w/ camp shiloh's camp director. it reminded me of how much i love camp. i was struck by how much this camp is truly more about the kids, than the camp itself. they would rather more innercity kids come to camp for free, even if it means they can't get their new kitchen that's much needed for 4 more years. check them out Camp Shiloh.
6. i also returned home to find that my friend had brought me cheese and chocolate back from the Dominican Republic. Can't get much better than that.
7. I was reminded at the retreat, as I saw brokenness around me, and recognized it within myself, that although many people may survive this life seemingly well just trying to "be a good person", there are deep pains within people's lives that can ONLY be healed with the help of Jesus. It is at these times that i'm reminded that Jesus' power can be seen more evidently in our brokenness.
Thanks be to God.
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