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When people step out onto mission with Jesus, there will always be stories to tell and insights to share. Just as those who first walked with Jesus passed on their experiences to others, we believe that anything we gain on our journey with Christ belongs to everyone. So eat up and drink deep, but whatever you recieve here must be shared with others. We promise it will grow and deepen in the sharing.

A Fool?s Hope PDF Print E-mail
Urban Life & Mission
Written by soulster   
Friday, 18 May 2007

I saw a man on the N train platform hunched over something, consumed in concentration. Above the cart beside him, his arched back was all that could be seen, bending impossibly to shelter his lap where he bent his will to some hidden purpose.

As I walked past I heard him suck dry, rattling breath into emphesmatic lungs. Quick and covetously, like a hungry rodent, he was scratching three lottery cards. As I disappeared up the stairs beyond him, I began to wonder if he was scratching for a cure, for some hope to hold onto life, or just for supper.

It made me think of hope. Of all the powers of humanity, it is the most ironic. Why are we such suckers for scratch-off and pick-6 promises that bate us with possibility and then rob us blind? Is it that we are a miserable species of malcontents, never satisfied and fixated on the horizon?

I had just been at a courthouse wedding. The friends of bride and groom had burgers and drinks to celebrate, and I with them. ...
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Addicted to the Glory PDF Print E-mail
Theological Reflection
Written by Ben Cheek   
Thursday, 17 May 2007

Glory in the DarkMy friend and I were at a conference in California recently.  We were asked to be on a four person panel on church planting since we have both participated in the launching of several new communities of...
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rant PDF Print E-mail
On Being New Humans
Written by Lindy Erin   
Tuesday, 08 May 2007
ahhh.. just wanted to have a small rant about the disturbing movie Babel i saw the other day.. not only did it have content I didnt agree with, it reminded me of the huge, sick amount of priveledge those from the US carry, and are unaware. I long for a time when the US actually can see ourselves and wealthy in a way that will affect the way we live here, and the help we give to others in the world. I long for a time when myself and my white counterparts will be aware of the privledge we carry unknowingly, and allow that awareness to shape our actions, politics, and ethics.

I had a dream last night i was visiting Africa on a trip w/ some unknown college students, and I woke sickened by the painfully truthful fact that we take advantage of clean water, electricity, and medical care in GIGANTIC proportions.

God show me where I need to change...may the various books and movies i've been exposed to not just infuriate me to injustice, inequality, but Lord instead...
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Judge Not? PDF Print E-mail
On Being New Humans
Written by Ben Cheek   
Monday, 07 May 2007

Where's the Love?I’ve been traveling a lot lately.  This past week took me to a conference at Pepperdine University.  Jeremiah was the text for the keynotes, and each speaker attempted to resurrect...
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Last Updated ( Monday, 20 August 2007 )
bday celebration PDF Print E-mail
Urban Life & Mission
Written by Lindy Erin   
Thursday, 03 May 2007
been almost a month since i last blogged.

i celebrated my 24th bday.
much to my suprise and enjoyment, i had a bday cake and gifts from the teenagers at the bible study we have each week. they got the cake, card, gifts, etc on their own. and they refused to let me help in the kitchen, declaring it my day off. it was wonderful!!! i am so impressed with their thoughtfulness and huge hearts!

overheard the other day(and edited):
A muslim teen was talking to a catholic teen, making fun of his old rosary. "You shouldn't be chewing on Jesus like that, it's not right."
Catholic, "it's old.. i've had it since I was two."
Muslim, "even if you are Christian, it's not right to chew on Jesus."
Catholic, "i'm not Christian, i'm Catholic."
Muslim, "Whatever, still doesnt make it right to chew on Jesus."
Then the Catholic was questioning muslim teen's religious attendance.
the muslim said "you are such a F-er. i told you i go to mosque...
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