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When people step out onto mission with Jesus, there will always be stories to tell and insights to share. Just as those who first walked with Jesus passed on their experiences to others, we believe that anything we gain on our journey with Christ belongs to everyone. So eat up and drink deep, but whatever you recieve here must be shared with others. We promise it will grow and deepen in the sharing.

Parallel Parking PDF Print E-mail
Stories & Blogs
Written by Lindy Erin   
Saturday, 02 June 2007
Parallel parking is something I don't do well. Haven't even since my drivers test at 16 yrs old. We needed someone to drive to upstate New York for a service project we were doing with Camp Shiloh.
So i was forced to parallel park (which i did!!!), and was able to hang out with my church family during this clean up day getting ready for campers for the summer.
It was a ton of fun. 1. because I had never been able to drive in NYC before. 2. we were able to see some beautiful scenery 3. was able to hang out with some cool kids from the Bronx 4. got to pick up old shingles all day long so i am sooo dirty 5. got to go to walmart in the suburbs where one of the teens got to go to walmart for the first time. 6. made it by myself from the bronx to queens.
All in all. i have NOTHING to complain about. God is good. I am dirty, tired, and happy.
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Home PDF Print E-mail
Urban Life & Mission
Written by Lindy Erin   
Friday, 25 May 2007
It is always refreshing to go home for a bit, to get out of the city, breathe some fresh air, have a nice dose of allergies, see stars and green grass, drive a car, and enjoy the luxury of dishwashers and personally owned washer and dryers.

I am also struck by a few things.
1. It's expensive to drive. $75 will get me unlimited transportation in NYC for a MONTH, whereas it will buy 2 tanks of gas in Missouri.

2. I can't help but contemplate the ways our surroundings affect our worldview, theology, and cultures. I spoke with people with 3 young kids saying they were on top of each other in their 3 bedroom 2 bath house, and I have friends in NYC with 3 kids in a one bedroom apartment. This has to affect what parenting, opportunities, kids activities, and stress levels in both homes. How do churches look different and faith journeys look different? I went to a public school graduation that had 2 prayers and the...
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Why i love NY. PDF Print E-mail
Urban Life & Mission
Written by Lindy Erin   
Friday, 25 May 2007
Why I love New York.

I'm visiting home for about a week to celebrate my brother and sisters graduations. But here is some random thoughts and experiences.

I am excited that summer is almost here. I went running the other day and saw families bbq-ing in the park, volleyball games, pick up basketball, and people sunbathing.

I realize how much I love the diversity that I'm surrounded by.
The other day the teenagers were hanging out, as we do weekly, having games, food, and a place to chill. I sat for a moment and realized that each of them was a different ethnicity, yet they are dear friends that live in unity(most of the time). I pray that one day our churches will look more like that...
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Late for Dinner PDF Print E-mail
On Being New Humans
Written by Ben Cheek   
Tuesday, 22 May 2007

mom1.jpegOn Friday, my wife and I drove to Queens for a belated Mothers Day dinner. It never happened. When we arrived in town, Mom was too sick to go out. We were all shocked that she passed that night.

As with all sudden exits, we are left...
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A Fool's Hope PDF Print E-mail
Urban Life & Mission
Written by Ben Cheek   
Friday, 18 May 2007

I saw a man on the N train platform hunched over something, consumed in concentration. Above the cart beside him, his arched back was all that could be seen, bending impossibly to shelter his lap where he bent his will to some hidden purpose.

As I walked past I heard him suck dry, rattling breath into emphesmatic lungs. Quick and covetously, like a hungry rodent, he was scratching three lottery cards. As I disappeared up the stairs beyond him, I began to wonder if he was scratching...
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Last Updated ( Monday, 20 August 2007 )
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