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When people step out onto mission with Jesus, there will always be stories to tell and insights to share. Just as those who first walked with Jesus passed on their experiences to others, we believe that anything we gain on our journey with Christ belongs to everyone. So eat up and drink deep, but whatever you recieve here must be shared with others. We promise it will grow and deepen in the sharing.

stepped on a mouse PDF Print E-mail
Stories & Blogs
Written by Lindy Erin   
Tuesday, 19 June 2007
today my roommates cat decided to present his love offering to me, at my door. it would have been appreciated, if it had not been 6:30am, i had been barefoot,and it had been dark. I'm still trying to recover from the fact that i stepped on a dead mouse and then had to put it in the trash. ughhhhh. i know i will laugh later
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Drum Circle PDF Print E-mail
the Bride (church & ecclesiology)
Written by Jared   
Tuesday, 19 June 2007
I'm in Los Angeles -- Pasadena to be exact -- as part of an academic program in missiology. I miss my family, but the program itself is a great experience. We are with our cohort from morning til evening everyday for two weeks as part of an intensive residency, but we get the weekend off to rest and get ready to week 2.

So I found a cheap rate on a car rental for the weekend and spent Sunday afternoon at Venice Beach. I read, prayed, walked, and contemplated God's mission in the...
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Awkward Moments PDF Print E-mail
Urban Life & Mission
Written by Lindy Erin   
Thursday, 14 June 2007
Awkward Moments are always a mixture of laughter, joy, and pity.
A few things in the last few days.
1. Got into my elevator in my building and a lady got in behind me warning, "Just so you know, the smell in here is me."
"No," I replied, "there's poop on the floor."
"No," She replied, "the smell is me, I messed myself on the train, I just couldn't hold it any longer. It was so humiliating."
"I'm sorry."

2. I was at the bus stop and a man apparently in a completely different world, was walking down the sidewalk. He didn't see the metal light pole in front of him, and hit the pole square on, with his face hitting first. Ouch!

3. As I was walking into my building a lady looks at me and says, "You all are such F#*kers, turning off the lights and I can't see."
I return her comment with a look of confusion.
she replies,"Oh, not you."

Aside from that, I was blessed with the bible study last night. We...
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falling diapers PDF Print E-mail
Urban Life & Mission
Written by Lindy Erin   
Tuesday, 12 June 2007
summer is in full swing.
we just finished our Parenting/Marriage seminar. It was a lot of fun. There was more kids than parents, and many of the parents thought it would be fine to drop off their kids for the fun activities and then not go to the seminar. Even so, I think the people in the seminar benefited richly with the resources we provided them with.

I was able to spend part of our quiet time today on the brooklyn bridge, which was so beautiful. Watched the Puerto Rican Parade and got to see some famous people up close (Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, T-Money, and Ricky Martin) Pictures to come.

Also got to see Willie Nelson, who was in Union Square promoting Farm Aid.

Was able to watch some shakespeare in the park called "Love's Labour's Lost" where it was a play using all the natural scenry of the park. we would watch a scene and then follow them to the next location near a lake, or bridge. It was...
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Acting with Justice PDF Print E-mail
On Being New Humans
Written by Ben Cheek   
Wednesday, 06 June 2007

Monday night my good friend Ron King (
came from Philly to NYC to hangout and go to a demonstration by Theater
of the Oppressed ( Augusto Boal, activist and
founder, explained how creativity and theater could help people deal
with dictitorial governments, cope with abuse and exploitation, and find
strength and resources internally and as a community. His activism led
to his imprisonment in his native...
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