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When people step out onto mission with Jesus, there will always be stories to tell and insights to share. Just as those who first walked with Jesus passed on their experiences to others, we believe that anything we gain on our journey with Christ belongs to everyone. So eat up and drink deep, but whatever you recieve here must be shared with others. We promise it will grow and deepen in the sharing.

Spanish singing PDF Print E-mail
Urban Life & Mission
Written by Lindy Erin   
Monday, 10 September 2007
Most sunday nights we gather at our Domincan's friend home for prayers and singing and great fellowship.
This particular week we went to bless someone's new home.
We made african food for them to try, which they loved.
We sat around on the floor of a brand new apartment. (they had moved in hours before. it has one couch, and 2 beds). We sang, conversed, laughed, prayed, and read scripture in Spanish. Latin music streaming through the windows from the neighbors next door. The door was open and neighbors passed by looking inquisitively into this open door with people of all races sitting in a circle on the floor singing praise songs. The room seemed to come alive. People were clapping and singing and getting up and dancing around the room. All for their God.

Many people in this room have never made faith commitments, many only know the the nominal Catholic faith passed to them by their grandparents in another country. But as I sit in this circle I feel...
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André Trocmé Kicking My Butt PDF Print E-mail
On Being New Humans
Written by soulster   
Monday, 10 September 2007

André TrocméLately I’ve been reading Jesus and the Nonviolent Revolution by André Trocmé [get it free online in PDF here]. Trocmé [wiki] was a French pastor who led his rural Parish to form a network moving and hiding over 3,500 Jews from the Nazis. After the German take over, the French government was pressured to intimidate and eventually arrest Trocmé. As rumors of his impending arrest grew, he spoke to a crowded church service about Deuteronomy 19’s injunction to give the persecuted shelter. “These people came here for help and for...
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FJ3: Organic vs. Mechanical Thinking PDF Print E-mail
Jesus and His Gospel
Written by soulster   
Saturday, 08 September 2007

Smoke StackThis is the third part of the “Following Jesus” series.

Up to this point, I’ve discussed the problem of following Jesus and our various possible responses in “The 500-Pound Gorilla“. In “The Starting Point“, I also pointed out a fundamental shift from Ecclesiology >> Missiology >> Christology to Christology >> Missiology >> Ecclesiology that undergirds all I am going to say about following Jesus. Now it’s time to get into some of the fundamental changes required to...
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Pioneering Expectations PDF Print E-mail
Theological Reflection
Written by soulster   
Friday, 07 September 2007

Where's the LoveAmerican Christianity is criticized so broadly and often that the phraseology is already cliché. This reinforces the sentiment that I have expressed here and elsewhere that our culture believes that at least Christendom — the culture of Christianity — and maybe Christianity itself has failed. We believe it so much so that even within the religion there is now a feverish attempt to wake a church that is assumed to be sleeping, or worse, apostate (or else, why are we declining?). Much of the objections of our culture have to do with church more than Jesus (see comments in “500 Pound Gorilla“) and so 22 million Americans claim some kind of belief in Jesus but no church attendance or loyalty to “organized religion” (see Barna’s Original at:

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city of life... PDF Print E-mail
Urban Life & Mission
Written by Lindy Erin   
Thursday, 06 September 2007
there are some days i love this city, and other days i hate it. Right now i'm really loving it. I can't exactly explain exactly why, but i do. I see people making decisions that take them farther away from the Lord, people deciding they are tired of following Jesus, and people who just seem to disappear from our church, yet I feel that now more than ever God is moving here. I sense his presence. I often hear people question and even at times mock God or the Christian faith. In months past it would have made me feel sick with questions and doubt, but recently i find myself smiling. One of those smiles that only I know. That faint smile, because I feel so sure that they are mistaken, and that one day they will change, and it will be because they see Christ's love in a radical form.
Tonight was one of those nights. I saw lives that are on journey and it brings me joy.
Sometimes outright laughter.
random quote from the bible study tonight.
"I know I can't drink anymore...
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