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What is an eXtraordinary?

eXtraordinariesWhen Jesus picked followers to look after his movement and his mission, he chose every-day ordinary people who had no special training or education.  He took these people on a journey that converted them into some of the most extraordinary change-agents the world has ever seen.  These regular people turned the whole world upside down as they brought God's realty into existence around them.

Are you an "ordinary" person called to follow Jesus in extraordinary ways?  We think every disciple of Christ is.  Because of this, MetroSoul would like to help you become an eXtraordinary.  eXtraordinaries are people who have learned to walk with Jesus in all areas of their life: personal, relational, occupational, and spiritual.  They have training to apply Gospel principles to their personal lives, homes, communities, friends, and workplace.

meet Nathan Kaye PDF Print E-mail
meet Nathan KayeFor Nathan Kaye, everything came to a halt when civil war broke out in his home in Liberia.  As a civilian, he was captured by soldiers and awaited execution.  However, Nathan prayed to the Lord, and while other prisoners were being executed, Nathan was sent away to a refugee camp in Ivory Coast, Africa.

After a decade in an Ivory Coast refugee camp, Nathan’s prayers were answered again as his family was put on a plane and taken across the Atlantic Ocean to the United States. After disembarking from the plane in JFK airport, his family was placed in the Bronx by the refugee agency.  Before arriving in New York, Nathan had made a promise to God.  He promised that when the Lord brought him to this new land, he would remain faithful to Christ and continue to serve Him.

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