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We love the city.  It's our (MetroSoul's) home because it is the place where God has called us to live out the mission of his Son.  But Jesus-following is not always easy in the urban landscape.  The press and rush of life, the mix and din of the churning masses, the craziness of life fragmented and diversified beyond belief: all these present challenges and opportunities from which things from our faith, both old and new, can emerge.

Social Classes PDF Print E-mail
Written by Lindy Erin   
Saturday, 15 September 2007
I've heard it said that the greatest divider of our country is not between races, but between economic classes. I've realized living in the Bronx, how true that is. Miscommunication I've seen happens most often between people of different educational and economic backgrounds, more so than any ethnic groups.

I recently was able to reunite from a friend from my past, who so happens to also live in a wealthy area of Manhattan, and is doing very well for themselves. I have enjoyed so much catching up with this old acquaintance, but it has also come with some difficulties. Seeing this world of materialism, status, appearance, designer labels, and pressure to continually climb up the career ladder, i find myself somewhat disoriented and at times outright awkward. I am not familiar with many of the terms, names, brands, and social activites they participate in. They have blessed me with 15 min. car rides home which would have taken me over an hour by public transit. They have...
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9/11 and Better Weapons PDF Print E-mail
Written by soulster   
Tuesday, 11 September 2007

9/11 CrossToday NYC is full of remembering. 9/11 will always be the dividing line between who we were and are now. For me it is more than a national symbol or a cry to patriotism. It’s friends who have to fight depression daily, who are locked in cycles of mental illness, who self-medicate with anything they can find just to stop the spinning that began on that day.

I also think about all that has happened since. According to some estimates, nearly 655,000 lives have been taken in retribution [source]. Or perhaps the spin doctors would say this is the cost of correcting the original problem,...
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Spanish singing PDF Print E-mail
Written by Lindy Erin   
Monday, 10 September 2007
Most sunday nights we gather at our Domincan's friend home for prayers and singing and great fellowship.
This particular week we went to bless someone's new home.
We made african food for them to try, which they loved.
We sat around on the floor of a brand new apartment. (they had moved in hours before. it has one couch, and 2 beds). We sang, conversed, laughed, prayed, and read scripture in Spanish. Latin music streaming through the windows from the neighbors next door. The door was open and neighbors passed by looking inquisitively into this open door with people of all races sitting in a circle on the floor singing praise songs. The room seemed to come alive. People were clapping and singing and getting up and dancing around the room. All for their God.

Many people in this room have never made faith commitments, many only know the the nominal Catholic faith passed to them by their grandparents in another country. But as I sit in this circle I feel...
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city of life... PDF Print E-mail
Written by Lindy Erin   
Thursday, 06 September 2007
there are some days i love this city, and other days i hate it. Right now i'm really loving it. I can't exactly explain exactly why, but i do. I see people making decisions that take them farther away from the Lord, people deciding they are tired of following Jesus, and people who just seem to disappear from our church, yet I feel that now more than ever God is moving here. I sense his presence. I often hear people question and even at times mock God or the Christian faith. In months past it would have made me feel sick with questions and doubt, but recently i find myself smiling. One of those smiles that only I know. That faint smile, because I feel so sure that they are mistaken, and that one day they will change, and it will be because they see Christ's love in a radical form.
Tonight was one of those nights. I saw lives that are on journey and it brings me joy.
Sometimes outright laughter.
random quote from the bible study tonight.
"I know I can't drink anymore...
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Camp Shiloh Retreat PDF Print E-mail
Written by Lindy Erin   
Sunday, 26 August 2007
Just got back today from our church's annual retreat at camp shiloh.
A few things that struck me.
1. I always feel God's presence and am reminded of his evidence of his existence when surrounded by nature.
2. I love starry cool nights with strong breezes.
3. I continue to be equally frustrated and amused at the drama in these teenagers lives. I truly love hanging out and working with teenagers.
4. about a year and a half ago, we had a group of teenagers drop off the face of the earth. stopped coming to church, bible studies,etc. I was so blessed with being able to go to the retreat with these same teens, who recently resurfaced, and much to our surprise had been seeking God on their own, and came back with more passion than ever. I am again reminded that we are called to plant the seeds, and God promises that he will be the one that provides the growth.
5. i was able to sit and talk w/ camp shiloh's camp director. it reminded me of how much i love camp. i...
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